Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Return of the Big Predators 3/3/10


Protected species on protected land

Re-locate the Oregon wolves to a national park--either one already in existence or a new one, which would be a profound accomplishment for the Obama administration.  This protected species should be on protected land for several reasons, including 1.) the prey species populations (for example, deer, elk) can be managed, 2.) there are already 3 large predators in Oregon: black bear, coyote, cougar, and 3.) problem individuals leaving the national park land can be captured and re-located to the national park.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wandering wolf reaches Umpqua Basin


Its departure from the pack and journey may indicate superior fitness, therefore, this wolf should be re-located to an area with a large wolf population to interbreed, e.g. Yellowstone N.P., northern Idaho, British Columbia. Presumably this wolf is looking for females and also attempting to establish a territory.

The ones on the east side should have been re-located when they first appeared there. Wolves should not be in eastern or central Oregon, much less in western and nowhere near the populated Willamette Valley. There may be human and livestock fatalities, which may result in the death of the wolf, which would be a tragedy considering its superior fitness.

Granted, re-locating the wolf is risky; it may get injured or even die.

Apply the libertarian philosophy to this situation: limited government, reduced spending, individual rights and freedoms (applies to wolves, too).

And, of course, there is no ecological, biological, genetic, or economic justification for having the wolves in Oregon.

Create a new national park in, for example, British Columbia or northern Idaho/Montana.